Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christmas in July

It's SO TERRIBLY HOT these days! A friend had posted this wonderful clip to facebook...

It seems the best remedy is to dream of those beautiful days of wintry chill (well, that and Air Conditioning!). A little nice music doesn't hurt either.

Anyway, as long as we are longing for cooler weather, I guess it's a good time to remember that Christmas is just around the corner! My goodness, this year is going by fast. I noticed last week that the local craft store (Hobby Lobby) is already putting their Christmas stuff out! So, I thought this might be a good time to start Christmas shopping. Here are some Etsy shops that are having sales right now...

RomanticThoughts - RomanticThoughts.etsy.com
- Offering a 15% Discount, just enter the coupon code BLOGJUNJUL11 when you check out.

MagdaMagda - MagdaMagda.etsy.com
 - Offering Free Shipping during the month of July.  No coupon code necessary.

Town and Country Vintage - TownandCountryVntage.etsy.com
- Offering a 20% Discount, just enter the code PROMOFRENZY when you check out.

Crystal Photography - CrystalPhotography.etsy.com
- All items tagged "Christmas in July", as well as bookmarks, individual greeting cards, and prints up to 5x7 in size are on for free shipping!
- Clearance Section: Buy one get one free of equal or lesser value. Please state the free item (from clearance section) in message to seller.

Powers of Love - PowersOfLove.etsy.com
- Christmas in July Sale. 20% Discount, just enter the coupon code JULYXMAS when you check out.

Bounty of Beads - BountyofBeads.etsy.com
- Clearing out  Polymer Clay Beads and Lampwork Beads sections.  "Make me an offer on the entire section sale"  - If anyone is interested in purchasing either of those ENTIRE sections at one time, I am entertaining ALL offers. 

Linda B's Jewelry - LindaB142.etsy.com
-  15% off any total purchases in the Christmas In July section of my shop over $12 (does not include shipping). Must use coupon code CAS711.

Here is this week's Treasury -


  1. Christmas in July, that's a way to start getting in the holiday spirit :o)

  2. Thanks for the shout out, I hope to sell out both of those sections and someone is going to get a great deal on them!!!!

  3. Cool offers! Thanks for the featuring! I'll promote them through my blog this weekend like I said:)

  4. Very refreshing photo! And those are some great looking sales. That treasury is awesome!

  5. yea, snow! actually, I hate snow, but it does look cold.

  6. I missed the ball on a big July sale:( Will know for next year to have something in mind!

    Great post!

  7. Great idea for a post, and thoughtful of you to promote these fab Specials for your teammates!!!

    Johnny Mathis ... wow! What a blast from the past ツ

  8. Lovely treasury! Nice post too but for those of us up here in the north who get FAR to much snow don't be wishing that on us just yet LOL I'll take the AC for now ;0)

  9. How nice of you to promote your friends in your blog. Nice shops with beautiful finds in there. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love this. Wish I would have gotten my act together for a July sale. Maybe next year.

  11. Great post. And that's a pretty treasury up there!

  12. I love Christmas, but I can't think about it until I have Halloween under wraps!

  13. Christmas in July! Great post - and great to promote your team mates!!

  14. uniquecozytreasures- I was just starting to think about Christmas items for my shop.Never to early I guess!(lol)

  15. uniquecozytreasures- loved the video pics and music.

  16. I'm SO ready to play in the snow! This heat is really crazy! I also have seen the stores starting to put out their Christmas items! Oh boy! Oh boy! I'm ready to get to crafting and shopping too!!! :)

  17. Ugh, yesterday my front door lock fell apart (after I locked it, of course), and I had to wait outside in 100 degree weather for an hour for a locksmith. Definitely nice to think about Christmas in a time like that:)

  18. Nice promotion for your team mates. I can't get over how beautiful the photographs are in that video. Johnny Mathis, been a long time since I heard that name.

  19. YIKES.....Christmas....much too hot to think about that


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