Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Social Media : Pinterest

One of the teams I belong to on Etsy is the Promotional Frenzy Team.  There are a number of requirements for participation on this team - all of which are there to assist members in building their Etsy businesses.  Among the requirements is participation in various Social Media avenues, such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

At one time, there was some encouragement to start using Pinterest.  As I started using it, I found that this was one that I could really get into.  Pinterest can be very addictive,  I mean FUN!  Over time, some concerns were expressed about the Terms of Service on Pinterest.  Apparently, the Terms stated that Pinterest would have the right to sell any content posted there.  Finally, within the last week, Pinterest announced changes to their Terms, which go into effect on April 6, 2012.

In their announcement, they state -
Our original Terms stated that by posting content to
Pinterest you grant Pinterest the right for to sell your content.
Selling content was never our intention and
we removed this from our updated Terms.

This should address some of the concerns about using Pinterest.  Phew!  I wasn't terribly concerned about using it, since, although I am often posting photographs of my work, I am not a professional photographer, so it is doubtful that anyone would want to buy the pictures. 

Anyway, I hope that the changes in the Terms will make others more comfortable in using Pinterest.  This is where I have focused more of my efforts than any other Social Media.  While I currently have 772 followers following all of my boards, many of my boards have twice that.  My Jewelry Board has 1561 followers.  My Etsy Finds and Faves Board has 1529 followers and the Bath and Body Board has 1543 followers.  And it is always gratifying to get the string of emails notifying me of followers that have "liked" or "repinned" the things I have posted!

I hope you will join me on Pinterest.  You can find me at  If you need an invitation to join, just leave a note in the comments.  I just need an email address so they can send you the invitation to join.  Hope to see you there.