Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This week, I worked on building Treasuries. Treasuries offer Etsy members, whether they are buyers or sellers, the opportunity to put together groupings of items from various Etsy shops, displaying and promoting items that the Treasury curator appreciates.

Here are two of my Treasuries that made it close to the top of the Treasuries listing -

This one actually made it to the number two spot on the list of Treasuries...

Oh, I thought I would add just one more. Since the economy is not great, I thought that a Treasury of items on Clearance might be fun. There are some really nice items on Clearance. Here are just a few...

The creator of the spoon ring in the top row of this treaury sent me a message to pass on to readers of my blog. They are offering a 10% discount on anything in their shop. Just use the coupon code BLOGREADER10 when you check out. Their shop is called Revisions and can be found at Revisions.etsy.com.

Reminder: For those following my Blog, I have a coupon code that can be used in my shop . It is good for 15% off your entire purchase. Just enter the code BLOGJUNJUL11 when you check out.

Just have to throw this in - WE HAVE RAIN! It has been about 6 months since we have had rain! I am sure that there are many folks around here rejoicing this morning. God is GOOD! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revisions & Additions

Well, I have had my Etsy shop for a little over a month.  I have even had a few sales.  Nevertheless, I spent some time looking over the photos of the items I have listed...and I decided that I could do a better job of displaying my jewelry.  So, I am spending time taking new photos and then replacing old photos with better new photos.

For the ones that I have completed, the listings look greatly improved  -  at least to me.  For example, I have a necklace with Lapis, but the blue did not show up very well in the original photos.  Now, the blue in the pictures is quite vivid.  Here is a demonstration of the difference for this particular necklace.


It's a work in progress, but I hope my shop will be better when I finish.

Along with trying to improve my shop, I find I have a slight propensity toward jumping from one project to another.  This week that included pulling out some vintage and craft items that will eventually make it into my Etsy Shop.  So far, I have posted these two items -
First is this Angel that I made from an old hymnal, published in 1955.

Second is this set of ceramic fruit wall hangings that I came across.  They are in pristine condition, circa 1970s and a product of HOMCO Home Interiors.

One last important piece of business -
For my blog followers, I now have a special coupon for 15% OFF on purchases in my Etsy Shop through the end of July. The Coupon Code is BLOGJUNJUL11. Just enter the coupon code when you check out.   Shop at RomanticThought.etsy.com !

Thanks for stopping by!  ...and have a GREAT DAY!

This Week's Awesome Treasury

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mixing Old and New

This week, I came across some old vintage jewelry that got me thinking about mixing pieces of old and new.  So far, I have been able to make two pieces - a bracelet and a necklace - that combine both pieces from vintage jewelry and new pieces.

The hard part was taking the vintage pieces apart!  But, I like how these two pieces came out.  The bracelet sold the first day it was listed.  Anyway, here are some pictures of these two new pieces:

If you would like information on these pieces or would like to see more of the 70 some odd treasures that I have listed in my Etsy shop, please come visit at RomanticThoughts.etsy.com.

Reminder - once I reach 100 followers on this blog, I will be giving away a bracelet to one of those wonderful first 100 followers.  I am having a similar giveaway on the Facebook Fan Page for Romantic Thoughts, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Romantic-Thoughts-and-Treasures-Etsy/144182138988286 .  One of the first 100 people to "like" the facebook page will also win a bracelet.

One last thing - I wanted to share my latest Treasury, "What Every Lady Needs" -

Thanks for stopping by - And have a GREAT DAY!
Update - a couple of new items in the Old Meets New collection, combining parts from vintage jewelry and new jewelry components:

Choker that goes with bracelet, above

New bracelet

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Creation

I stumbled across some Amethyst Pear-shaped beads yesterday that I just had to have.  Once I got home, I almost immediately went to work on my latest creation.
What really caught my eye is the diagonal stripe across the largest of the pear-shaped beads.  The variations in the shades of purple in these amethysts also worked well, because it allowed me to use both the pale amethysts as well as the darker amethysts that I have in my jewelry-making collection
 of beads. 

I wanted to use the five pear-shaped beads together, so I created a kind of pendant with them.  The remainder of the necklace is made with the amethysts I mentioned above, glass pearls and decorative silvertone metal beads. 

This turned out to be one of my favorite pieces.  I hope you like it, too.  If you want more information about this creation, you can find it at my Etsy shop at Amethyst Pendant Necklace.

Making progress on the 100 followers, but it may take a while to get there.  Still,  I won't forget about the giveaway. 

Hope you have a great evening!  Take care & God Bless!


Update - This necklace sold shortly after it was added to my shop!  YeeHaa!  Still please stop by my shop when you get a chance to see what else I have.  Thanks!