Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the Beginning...

So this is where it starts.  I have a blog.  Now, the question is, what to write about. 

This all started because I found myself somewhat handicapped.  This led to my family giving me a gift of jewelry-making supplies - thereby giving me something to do within the restrictions by which I am currently bound.  Well, I enjoyed it so much that, in no time, I had made over 100 pieces of jewelry.  One little problem with that - I have no place to put 100 pieces of jewelry, let alone places to wear them.  So, after a number of people saw what I was making and commented that they were certain I could sell what I was making, a business was born.

Now you know - I make jewelry.  I use lots of crystals and pearls and semi-precious stones.  My designs tend toward simple elegance.  However, once in a while, a mood strikes me to try something different, or off-the-wall, or downright quirky.  A lot depends upon what kinds of stones and beads I come across that I think would be interesting to work with. 

To sell my treaures, I have opened a store on Etsy.  It is called RomanticThoughts and can be found at  In the midst of getting the shop up and running, I have also found a few vintage items that I thought could find new homes via my etsy shop.  Hence, I have added those few items to my shop and will probably add more as I come across things that interest me.

Anyway, this is how it starts.  We'll find out together how things progress.  Thanks for visiting.

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